Visa & Mastercard Credit Card Processing Service for Hotels & Motels

We help and specialize in hotels, motels, and vacation rental property owners with merchant credit card services, to get started please email us or call us.

It's so important nowadays for a business or company to be able to accept credit or debit cards from their customers. Few clients carry around large amounts of cash especially when traveling. It can even be potentially dangerous for individuals and families to be carrying around large amounts of cash while traveling in a foreign country. That's why processing credit cards in the lodging and vacation rental industry is so important to the sales and revenue growth of this type of business. Frequently nowadays many consumers and business travelers are booking accommodation arrangements through Internet e-commerce websites. In the old days, a traveler would almost certainly visit their local travel agent and book a hotel or motel stay through a travel agent. Or a traveler would visit a local bookstore or library and review guides of hotels and motels and select and make arrangements for their accommodations over the phone. Consumers and business travelers also find it very convenient to pay for everything at their stay through a credit or debit card. They can also track expenses and in some cases they may dispute charges on their credit card. Due to the nature of the vacation rentals and lodging industry is frequently classified as high risk by many banks. This is often because customers in some cases issue chargebacks to their credit card if they are unsatisfied with their stay, or don't even show up at all. This is why most hotels and hotels, lodges, inns and vacation rentals, and other accommodations frequently only charge their customers a small fee in advance or one night stay. This is so they don't wind up with a huge chargeback build back to the merchants Bank if the customer is a no-show.

Fortunately our knowledgeable staff specifically caters to helping lodging industry customers get set up for merchant account processing. We can assist you with terminals, virtual terminals, and point-of-sale systems for your business. If you are newly established business you will need to get documentation together about your company's policies and procedures, refund policies, and your incorporation papers. If your an established business with a history of credit card processing we would like to compete with your current bank and offer you better rates than your current credit card processor does. We we frequently can save you several percentage points on your credit car processing rates for your industry. This can frequently save you thousands of dollars each month or year over your current merchant processing rates. There is no risk or downside to getting a merchant rate comparison review of your current credit card processor to what we can offer. To get started simply call us or email us and we can review your processing statements and offer you a better proposal.

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