Payment Processing Solutions for your Business

Call us or Email us to get the process started. The hospitality industry is a pretty broad-based infrequently used term. It encompasses companies and industries such as hotels and motels, inns, lodging facilities such as the lodges and resorts,it also includes companies like catering services, limousines and transportation, restaurants bars and taverns/food establishments,and Tour operators. Our company specializes in helping companies in this industry get set up to process credit cards and debit cards from their customers. This is known as merchant account processing, credit card processing, or simply merchant services. We provide and help you get set up to either take cards in person through terminals or virtual terminals, or do Internet e-commerce website processing. Every business owner knows in this type of industry how vital and important it is to be able to accept credit cards and how it impacts your revenues and profitability. Most consumers or business types rarely carry around large amounts of cash in the days of writing checks from a checkbook seen to be fading fast. The convenience of using credit cards and debit cards as well allows travelers seeking personal travel or business travelers a quick and convenient way to make purchases and also helps them keep of their expenses.

We help companies like:

  • Bars Restaurants Taverns Cafeterias and Food Establishments

  • Hotels Motels and Lodges

  • Limousine Companies

  • Car Rental and Taxis

  • Tour Operators and Agents

  • Travel Companies and Agents

Even If you are a new business or an established one we can help you get set up for credit card processing in your industry. To get started simply call us or contact us through email and one of our agents will assist you in the process. We can also help with point-of-sale systems, terminals, virtual terminals, e-commerce website processing, and mobile wireless technologies.


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