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Note: We routinely get approval for many types of online and Internet travel related industries. To get the process started you need to fill out an application and provide documentation about your business and website. The fastest way to get the ball rolling will be to contact us through email and phone and get the process started.

This is probably the most frequently method or way consumers and business travelers make arrangements for vacations, airline tickets, tour services, and packages are through Internet websites and online travel service companies. Before the age of the Internet someone looking to travel would visit their local travel agent or bookstore and get and make arrangements that way through old-fashioned means. In today's connected online experience most bookings for travel arrangements are made through e-commerce websites. Many website owners frequently team up with travel agents and build websites that offer travel packages. The vacation and holiday packages may be exotic and expense of the nature, or they may be cheap and just offering a deal on certain times of the year or just an overall prepackaged travel discount service. Our company can get your travel business merchant account approved. Even if you are classified as high risk or have been turned down or denied by other processors or the client by your local bank we can assist you with getting billing services, the ability to process Visa and MasterCard from your website visitors. We can also set up in assist you with payment gateway providers that will work with your shopping cart or website infrastructure. If you are a new or established business you know how important it is to be about except credit cards. It affects your bottom line especially for website owners. There is no other way for website business owner to stay in business without the ability to process credit card payments.

Our services are suitable for:

  • travel companies and travel related industries

  • tour operators and tour guides

  • hospitality services consultants and professionals

  • website prepackaged and dynamically packaged services

  • newly formed businesses or establish one's

  • companies looking for a rate comparison

Merchant rates for your business, for your e-commerce website will vary depending on the nature of your business. A rough estimate would guess that it would fall in the range of the 2 to 4% transaction rates. In some cases it may be higher and some cases it might be lower. It depends a lot on how much you are processing on a customer's credit card at once. It also depends on if you are a new business or an established one with credit card processing history. If you are established one we can assist you with lowering your merchant account rates and offering your better deal than your current bank or payment processor. If you are new business however with no history of processing credit cards at your travel business you will find that your rates will be higher for your e-commerce website. Fortunately our company specializes in helping a company get it set up for credit card processing on their travel related business. If you are new to the industry or a veteran we can assist you in reducing your fees and transaction rates at your shopping cart system.







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