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Are you tired of dealing with banks that say "No" to your travel business? Work with a company that says "Yes" and appreciates hard working small business just trying to deliver great products and services to their clients. Specializing in helping companies like yours take credit cards from your customers.

Leisure Companies
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Our team will help you get your agency or website up and running to process visa and mastercard from your clients. Taking credit cards from customers is crucial now adays to revenue and profitability at your company. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will assist you with obtaining credit card processing

Time Shares

Our company will work hard to get you set up with the ability to accept credit cards from your customers and clientele. Our team knows the travel industry ins and outs and can get virtually any business including high risk and high volume accounts approved for credit card processing. The first step is to simply contact us through phone or email and let's get the process started! We work with small businesses, new businesses, and established ones. We also specialize in e-commerce shopping cart systems and payment gateway set up for website operators. After the initial call, make sure to get your documentation ready such as licensing incorporation papers. If you have been shut down by another bank because they no longer process your industry we can assist you with taking credit cards again. Have your statements ready from processing from your other company photocopied and ready to send over to the underwriters to approve your account. Even if you have large dollar amounts, have some chargeback issues for credit problems we still can usually help your company. Work with experts that are friendly towards for travel agents and their companies.

Generally speaking we have solutions for most travel agencies businesses include vacation packages online, exotic tour operators, cruiseship packages, adult industry travel like swinger cruises, timeshare companies, international travel destinations, bookings and airline ticket industry, new hotels and motels.

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