Accepting Credit Cards from Travelers

At our company we help usa, uk, european and many other businesses get setup to take credit cards from their clientle. We specialize in travel in the leisure entertainment industry helping companies, newly established or have been an existing business operating a touring service to be able to accept credit cards and debit cards from traveling customers. Tour operators tend to have difficulty getting banks willing to process their transactions.

In some cases operators deal with and work with arrangements such as arrival and departure, transfer, accommodations, sightseeing, currency issues, and exploring local entertainment opportunities. Companies frequently work with inbound foreign tourists looking to take a vacation or holiday. These that the businesses put together packages individually or in partnership with overseas operators and package luxurious, exotic, or basic packages together for their clients to purchase. In other cases there are traveling arrangements where clients, clientele may visit multiple countries, and the tourism guide service assists in a raging hotel accommodations, travel documentation, and local sightseeing tours. The sightseeing tour's may be in a car, bus, helicopter, or even small plane. They may even be on horseback or on bicycle or even walking tours again it depends on the arrangements made and what the traveler is looking for.

Many merchant processing companies have shied away from processing these types of transactions for a variety of reasons. One is no-shows where a customer simply pays in advance maybe through a website or telephone but does not show up for the arrangements. The customer may dispute the transaction on their credit card as the services were not exactly rendered and is no proof a product or service was delivered. It really doesn't matter if you have a no refund policy, in many cases the credit card company will still decide with the customer because no proof of a service was delivered such as a signed receipt or invoice. Many travel agencies understand these type of issues that can arise with customer credit card transactions in making travel purchases in advance such as tour packages and leisure industry programs. Also, because tour packages can be expensive the amount of money being purchased at a time classifies these transactions as "high ticket", which means there is more risk involved if the customer refuses to accept the charge on their credit card. Fortunately our company helps companies like yours be able to take and process credit cards in the tourism and leisure travel industries. Even if you are a new business or an established one we will get you set up to take Visa and MasterCard from your clientele. Merchant rates will vary depending on your specific type of business and industry. It's hard to quote an exact rate without knowing your business model. For example you book these packages over an Internet website/e-commerce, or are you accepting credit cards in person and getting a signature on receipts and contracts. Are your clients booking these packages in advance or are they local tours for tourists and the amount of the transaction is minimal and the chances of loss are also minimal. So be wary of other companies quoting you rates without knowing your business model. We have seen many cases where banks first approve a merchant then shut them down after few months holding onto their funds and not releasing them. Typically this is from an uninformed salesperson who is not being clear to their underwriters the true nature of the travel business.

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