Processing Credit Cards at Your Business

We help businesses get set up to take credit cards in the vacation, travel and leisure industry. To get started please contact us or call us and we will get the process started with getting you an application to fill out.

Companies like yours know how important it is to be able to accept credit card transactions from your clients and clientele. Rvenues and profitability will likely depend on your company to be able to accept credit or debit cards from customers. If you are an e-commerce website working in the travel industry you'll find it difficult and a few banks willing to process these types of transactions for your company. These types of deals usually include airline tickets, hotel accommodations, rental cars and sightseeing tour's all combined into one package price. These packaged vacation holidays are formed to include discounts instead of buying each separately. There took they sold by travel agent company like yours. In some cases the packages you sell might be exotic or luxurious in nature for example including a Safari excursion or some other special package. Vacation packages may be all-inclusive as well including food and liquor purchases. There are also services out there now that offer dynamic vacation packages especially on e-commerce Internet websites this is different than a predefined package that is fixed in nature. The consumer or purchaser, typically visits a website and picks and chooses which part of the vacation they would like to do in essence they build their own dynamic itinerary.

Merchant processing banks, typically classify these type of travel agency companies as "high risk" due to the nature of the business. Vacation packages tend to be expensive in the amount of money can easily be several thousand dollars per person. For a family could easily be tens of thousands of dollars booked in advance. Issues arise however and clients may not show up at their destinations. Issues come up where a service that was paid for as an actually been rendered. For example say a family books a vacation package and the total price was $20,000. Maybe it was a cruise package. And something comes up and they are not able to rebook the service. Technically speaking no services actually been rendered they haven't taken the cruise. So it's difficult for credit car companies to justify honoring that charge when those service they paid for has actually been provided. So it can be difficult for this type of industry tourism and leisure-based to get set up for credit card processing.

Merchant account rates for travel companies will vary again depending on the nature of the business. For an e-commerce website the rates will probably range between 2 to 5%. In some cases it also depends on what type of credit card the purchaser is actually using. If they use a rewards card for example a cash back card that 1% cash back the purchaser is enjoying is actually passed on to the merchant. For a travel agency company that is taking credit cards a person and getting a signature on a credit card slip or contract  will actually pay lower rates. These rates will range from 2 to 3% but in many cases may be lower than 2%. Note no two businesses are alike however, and it is difficult to quote the exact rate without reviewing the details of your business model. Also are you a new business or establish one. And establish one with a history of credit card processing can negotiate lower rates. But a new business with no history have to prove themselves as a worthy client and will typically have to pay higher rates in the beginning.

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